NXP совместно с EBV объявили о новом конкурсе

NXP совместно с EBV объявили о новом конкурсе с розыгрышем призов.

  •  1 Место: PG Bike Dark Cruiser = 5000€
  •  2 Место: Voucher for Apple shop = 1000€
  •  3 Место: Voucher for Apple shop = 500€


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NXP’s state of the art technology, combined with the design and application know-how of EBV´s specialists, will help you transform your design ideas into real products!

To shape the application around its heart, we are offering various interface and discrete components for you to test:

  • LPC1111: 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • LPC1114: LPCXpresso board
  • PCF2123: Ultra low power real-time clock with SPI interface
  • PCF8885: Multi-channel capacitive sensor
  • PMEG4030ER: MEGA Schottky barrier rectifier delivering max. power efficiency
  • PMV48XP: Low RDSon P-Channel MOSFETs in a cost efficient SOT23 package
  • PSMN0R9-25YLC: N-channel 25 V 0.99 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK
  • PSMN012-100YS: N-channel 100 V 12 mΩ standard level MOSFET in LFPAK


Ссылка — на конкурс.

Из серии — Халява



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