Microchip PICx IDE — MPLABX v1.2 has been released

PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, PIC32 и  это далеко не полный перечень PIC микроконтроллеров которые поддерживает этот IDE. Итак, вышла новая версия v1.2, ну и самое интересное что работает из под Linux.


  • Provides a new Call Graph for navigating complex code
  • Supports Multiple Configurations within your projects
  • Supports Multiple Versions of the same compiler
  • Support for multiple Debug Tools of the same type
  •  Supports Live Parsing
  • Import existing MPLAB® 8 projects and use either IDE for the same source
  • Supports hyperlinks for fast navigation to declarations and includes
  • Supports Live Code Templates
  • Supports the ability to enter File Code Templates with license headers or template code
  • MPLAB® X can Track Changes within your own system using local history
  • Within MPLAB® X, a user can configure their own Code Format Style

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